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Welcome to Rotorua!  Set in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, Rotorua is the premiere cultural centre for New Zealand and the site for the GCI annual festival over the years.


Grace Communion International was established in Rotorua in 1981.  Built initially on a magazine and booklet media base, the church has always sought to provide clear biblical underpinnings to our beliefs.  In earlier years our denomination tended toward legalism but God in His mercy led us out of this and today we embrace His grace with joy.


Please contact our pastor there, Peter Lindop (see link to Pastor's page below), for details of meetings. Visitors are most welcome at any time to share a time of worship together with us.  While we are keen in our commitment as Christians we are a relaxed, friendly group.  And while we would love visitors to return again, we leave that decision entirely in your hands and will not pressurise you in any way.

Rotorua Pastor

Peter LindopPeter Lindop pastors the Rotorua congregation.  He and his wife Lillian have lived in Rotorua for more than 30 years, having originally emigrated from the UK.  Peter was ordained as a lay minister more than 25 years ago to assist the work in Rotorua and has pastored the congregation for more than 10 years.  He has also been a board member of the Grace Communion International (NZ) Trust since 2005.

Peter is also active in the community.  He serves as a duty chaplain at the Rotorua Hospital, was for 4 years the Secretary/Treasurer of the Rotorua Minister's Association, is the Treasurer of the Rotorua committee of Bible in Schools and is the Chairman of the trust of the local Christian radio station that broadcasts on 89.6 FM.

Contact details are:

Phone:  +64-7-349-2272
Mobile:  +64-27-284-0036
Email:   (click here)