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Rex Morgan

Home City: Auckland
Member Since: 2002
Administration Representative

Occupation: Manager of the church's office in Auckland, and senior pastor of the Auckland congregation.  I also provide pastoral oversight for several smaller congregations, and the church in Vanuatu.

Personal & Church History

I have been involved with Grace Communion International from the time it began reaching New Zealand via 'The World Tomorrow' radio broadcast and the magazines and booklets distributed from Australia in the 1960s.  My father responded to a Readers Digest advertisement at the time, and as a young lad in my early teens I joined him in devouring the Church's literature and Bible teaching. My father was baptised on one of the early baptismal tours from Australia, and our family travelled to the Festival in Blackheath, NSW, in 1967.  My parents went again in 1968, and we were all present at the first New Zealand Festival, held at Taupo in 1969. The following year I went to Ambassador College at Bricket Wood, England.  After graduation in 1974, I took up a job in the mailing area of the Grace Communion International Auckland office.  I was ordained as a minister in 1979.  I've had the privilege of working in the church office for over 30 years. I am married to Marilyn, and have two children, both married, and four grandchildren.


Having worked in the office and congregations so long, I am able to bring to the board a knowledge of the church's office systems, as well as doctrinal and theological issues.  I have served as secretary of the board since its establishment.


I see the board as a group of mature and competent trustees, charged with protecting and administering the assets of the church, and fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities required by law.  The board is working to ensure the church is administered properly in building healthy congregations, providing sound spiritual guidance for he benefit of the members and those with whom they are able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.