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Marilyn Wong

Home City: Auckland
Member Since: 2013
Board Member

Occupation: Supermarket supervisor and housewife.

Personal & Church History

I am a wife, mother and nana holding a fulltime job at a South Auckland supermarket where I deal with staff and customers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. After receiving the Plain Truth magazine from a schoolmate I attended and was then baptised as a member of the Worldwide Church of God, Malaysia (now known as Grace Communion International, Malaysia) in 1975. That was a big adjustment as I had no previous Christian background and had to break away from the family tradition as ancestor worshippers and Confucianism. I met my NZ born husband, David, soon after that and we married in 1977. We live in Auckland and raised 5 children and currently have 5 grandchildren. I am currently a member of the Auckland Pastoral Team which helps to encourage, support and care for the Auckland congregation and also help David in serving the members in Hamilton.


Having lived in a multicultural society and dealt with people of diverse backgrounds in my job, I feel I have the patience, compassion, understanding and desire to help and serve others with a good dose of being able to laugh at myself.


The turmoil and struggles with the changes in the church, personally and collectively, has helped me to appreciate what is involved in being a real Christian with a tremendous sense of gratitude for God's love, intervention and guidance. As a Board member, my desire is to see Colossians 3 especially verses 12-14 fulfilled in every Christian. I hope to work together to help make decisions that will enable members around the country stay connected, committed and excited about being actively involved in God's Work as and in whatever situation they are able to.